Jayson Mbogo and Kaluhi Adagala during the Nairobi Pizza Festival 2015. Photo: Courtesy

Nairobi’s youth salivate for free pizza

Once upon a time the youth automatically ordered fish and chips in a restaurant. Now that is too old fashioned to many Nairobi’s youth. Pizza is their world.

And their taste has been refined by several outlets selling pizza in Nairobi and its environs specifically and around other urban centres. Supermarkets have also joined the craze.

Pizza, which originated in Italy and comes from the Latin root word ‘picea’ which means the blackening of crust by fire, has captured young people’s imagination and the marketers just know which buttons to tap to have more and more hooked.

Pizza sets apart Kenyan youth year. Photo: John Njoroge

Pizza sets apart Kenyan youth.
Photo: Courtesy

To make it fancier to young people, the pizza outlets have youth-friendly ambience and are gradually becoming a kind of meeting place for the generation.

To capture more customers for good, there are irresistible offers that draw them.

On Nairobi’s Kimathi Street, Pepino’s pizza restaurant, the newest joint in town, buzzes with customers every Tuesday and Thursday. These are the days they offer a free pizza of the same size for every purchase made.

Pepino's offers free pizza twice a week.

Pepino’s offers free pizza twice a week.

Pizza Inn, which has been around longer, established the tradition of two pizzas for the price of one, every ‘Terrific’ Tuesday.

The eatery offers traditional styled pizzas such as margherita and pepperoni flavours to American styles such as barbeque steak and Hawaiian pizzas.

All outlets offer delivery services to customers within a specified radius.

Pizza outlets in Kenya.

Pizza outlets in Kenya.

Debonairs, another pizza joint in Nairobi, does deliveries to locations 5km away from the city centre for free.
“Nairobi is a terrific market for pizza delivery, and we are very excited to deliver the one-of-a-kind Domino’s experience to Kenya,” says Eric Andre, a manager.

“The people of Kenya are eager to try new food and we are incredibly excited to bring them our delicious, quality pizza that is so loved around the world.”

Domino’s pizza is located at Emperor Plaza, Koinange Street in Nairobi.

The customers, mostly youth, push their parents for a ‘pizza treat’ every time there is an offer. Some combine resources to share the two pizza for the price of one.

Outlets also in estates.

Outlets also in estates.

Interestingly, those who pizza deliverers are happy when they are sent to a female customer; because, they say, women are better tippers.

In supermarkets, you buy pieces of pizza. In Tuskys, a piece goes for Sh150.

It is now official, fish and chips has outlived its mandate.

Welcome pizza.

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