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Seriousness on the road to 'Canaan'. Photos: Joshua Araka

Seriousness on the road to ‘Canaan’. Photos: Joshua Araka

Lately on social media, Netizens are making jokes about the journey to Canaan. These range from seeking advice on the type of clothes and shoes to wear for the epic journey to the type of food to carry besides water.

The Canaan joke follows Kenya’s National Super Alliance (Nasa)’s assertion that with their leader Raila Odinga, or ‘Joshua’, Kenyans are headed for better life, in Canaan, if they win the Tuesday August 8 elections.

Memes on the said ‘trip’ have flooded social media as the countdown to elections day approaches.

Heading to Canaan? Follow this road.

Heading to Canaan? Follow this road.

The one that trended most of Tuesday was an hilarious one that played on Kenya’s tribes’ favourite bringing laughter even on a somber day when still reeling from news of the murder of Chris Msando, who was managing data at the Independent  Electoral and Boundaries Commission.

In the joke, once in River Jordan, some could refuse to proceed with the journey as they will decide to fish first or swim. Others who will proceed might just stick by the desert to enjoy quails and manna. , Joshua Chris Musando


Finally, the Canaan memes got a boost from someone who doesn’t believe in the script:

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