Due to safety issues, the 'scoop' is no longer attractive to journalists.

Glue that binds journalists


In journalism, competition for that scoop – and achieving several scoops – is the adrenaline that pushes scribes to deliver.

To get that scoop, sometimes journalists step on each other’s toes. Sharing contacts is one of the no-go zones for the professionals.

But when in the field, journalists have realised that they must find a way of working together or perish separately. A scoop, an exclusive story, can put a journalist in trouble.

In fact, getting the same story out using different angles has proved to be more powerful in exposing social evils and making leaders more accountable.

In western Kenya there is so much happening such as heightened political temperatures, tribal clashes,  cattle rustling among tribes and boundary disputes. As well as tell the news story, the journalists must have their safety at the core.

Therefore, they watch their colleagues’ backs.





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